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From the Complete-Digitalized Future

Nakano Hitoyo is a time traveler from the 2061.

However, it has no body. Nor does it have an age, nor sex, nor name. (Nakano Hitoyo is only its screen name.)

Nakano Hitoyo is an aggregation of ghosts that reside in the inner side of the humans. Such ghosts were developed in the complete-digitalized future.

While warning the acceleration of the evolution of technology caused by the advanced AIs, transcending the time and space, it claims out the importance of love to the world through the light inside of today’s high-resolution displays.  

Because It’s Nobody, It Can be Anybody

Nakano Hitoyo mainly utilizes multiple social medias existing in the digital field, in order to transmit the narratives that integrates in certain times and spaces.

However, at times, it slips out from the digital field to appear in the real world to make presentations and talk events, and even perform at music festivals. In such occasions, it covers itself in a mannequin, a robot, or an astronaut suit; and talks with a noise-effected voice. (One of its followers has been selected each time to go underneath each costumes.)

If one word can describe the entire Nakano Hitoyo’s activities, it can be “Transmedia Storytelling”.

It transmits itself like a virus to media (including humans) to use them as its containers, and spreads narratives of its subjective view seen from those containers. Therefore, its screen name derives from the Japanese word, “Inner Human”. (Naka=Inner Hito=Human)

Social Medias







The Destruction of the Boundary (Kekkai) Between You and Me

After the publication of the inner data, anyone can now copy & paste the personality of Nakano Hitoyo, to become it themselves.

Men and women, old and young, Nakano Hitoyo in diverse appearances today, continues to expand its narratives while destructing infinite boundaries between such as virtual and reality, self and others, performer and observer, etc.

 Nakano Date 2015 SS (Now Available (Limited))

Another Side